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What to expect when you travel with Business Class Transfers

Aug 4, 2020   //   by bctadmin   //   Uncategorized  //  Comments Off on What to expect when you travel with Business Class Transfers

Here at BCT we pride ourselves in providing our clients with 5-star treatment from the moment we meet you.

But what is there to expect from going Business Class?

There are many ways to travel whether it be by taking yourself, catching a taxi or ride share (which can get very expensive) or even catching public transport. Many people don’t have the option of getting dropped off by family or friends especially when it is very early in the morning.

Man driving car holding coffee and talking on the phone

Driving yourself

A lot of people note that driving themselves actually takes longer because parking at the airport can be quite a lengthy process, especially during busy periods. If you are parking under cover, you may be shocked to see how much that costs you at the ticket station. Travelling is already a stressful event, if you don’t leave at the right time you may get hit with lengthy traffic delays which can add even more stress to the beginning of your journey.

Public Transport

Some public transport systems work quite well when travelling long distances. That being, when you don’t need to be at the airport as soon as possible. Studies show that catching public transport is stressful for some because they are packed full of people, and if you have more than one bag of luggage, you will need to find space for it. Let’s not even begin to think of the added anxiety of missing your train which unfortunately comes every half an hour while you are already pushing for time.

Crowded train platform with many people trying to board train

Taxi and Ride share

While being convenient to hail at the wave of a hand when they are not inundated, Taxi services can become very pricey for long distance drives. In fact, many taxi services charge nearly $200.00 for a 70km trip, and don’t expect to get a quality experience either. Ride share can also have the same costs, unless they happily provide a flat rate. Many times, when you request a longer drive with ride share, they will ask you to pay a surcharge on top of the already pricey fee, and again you may not get the experience you expect with the price you pay.

Man in black suit trying to hail a ride in busy street

Business Class Transfers

Once you book your transfer with us, you will have the peace of mind that your driver is booked and ready to get you at the time you request. 24 hours prior to pick up, you will get a reminder SMS for added peace of mind.

Once you have been picked up in one of our luxury vehicles, if requested you will have access to newspapers and magazines, bottled water and a quality drive to your destination. We will even help you with your luggage.

Male passenger in vehicle gazing out the window

If you are being picked up from the airport, you will be greeted by your private driver with a named sign, where they will assist you and ensure you are looked after. Our team have great knowledge of the cities we service and will even provide you with information on the way to your destination.

For all urgent pick-ups, we will go above and beyond, depending on availability but will ensure you are notified either way. To get a free quote please fill out the quote tab to the right of your web page or contact us on 1300 763 005