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Transfers with a twist

Nov 8, 2019   //   by bctadmin   //   News, Uncategorized  //  Comments Off on Transfers with a twist

male and female sitting in back of car with words Corporate Transfers branded on image

So,obviously, the best thing about hiring us at Business Class Transfers is that you don’t have to drive!


Renting a car can be very expensive. By hiring a professional driver at BCT, you won’t only have to worry about parking but we will also be on standby for when you need a return trip.

Our Business Class Drivers are not just for family or personal trips. Many companies use us as a safe reliable service to get you to your meeting on time!

Another good thing about hiring us is that you can enjoy and relax during your trip. You can sleep if you want, or just enjoy the driving view. This is more helpful if you have elders and kids because you can concentrate on having more fun with them than being stuck behind the wheel.


Man in suit wheeling a suit case

Business Class Transfers are trained well to drive for long distance so there may not have a need stop by at a motel when you get sleepy because your driver can continue to drive while you take a nap, thus shortening your travel time and saving money.

Call us and ask questions, organise your trip/vacation with ease. Hiring a BCT driver can give you a sense of safety and comfort. You can have a fun time with your family or friends and not worry about driving, which is a very responsible choice to make, benefiting you and the other people on the road.


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