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Griffith College Student Airport Transfer

If you are a Griffith College student requiring airport transport, please complete the form below.
Terms and Conditions


    Your Name:

    Your Student Number:

    Your Email:




    Are you under 18 years of age?


    Expected Arrival Date + Time:


    Flight No.:

    Destination Airport:

    Study Location:

    Temporary Accomodation:

    Arriving outside Office Hours
    Please note you are unable to arrive at Mt Gravatt or Nathan Campus for check-in between
    12 midnight and 6am. You will need to organise alternative accommodation or stay at the airport
    until 6am.

    * If you chose other: please provide address:

    No. of Additional People Accompanying You:

    * Please only select additional passengers if they are friends and family that are NOT students at Griffith. All students need
    To complete their own form. Additional charges apply for friends and family that are travelling with you that want to use the pickup service.

    Additional Support Services (i.e. Wheelchair)

    *Once your submission has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email with your provided details.