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A Floating City

Dec 9, 2019   //   by bctadmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on A Floating City

An envision of the project

Imagine cruising the globe on a floating city with shops, restaurants and any other possible amenity.  The idea was coined in the 1990s, envisioning a moving city capable of housing 50,000 to 100,000 passengers.

The project was invented by Florida engineer Norman Nixon and named the Freedom Ship International.  The project struggled to attract enterprise investment and was soon abandoned.  Nixon also passed a year later.

Recently the Freedom Ship has been seen throughout the media with Roger Gooch, who was part of the original team recently decided to recover the idea.  Gooch saw visible change in the global economy and thought it was finally time to bring the Freedom Ship into the spotlight.

The project’s budget is estimated somewhere between $9.93-11.0 billion and according to Gooch would provide a good return on investment.  Recent exposure has lead to Gooch being contacted by a handful of private investors, however no venture capital as of yet.

The 25 storey high ship would travel across the globe spending about 70 per cent of its timed tied outside favourable cities and ports.

With the Freedom Ship new found media exposure much criticism has followed.  However Gooch is still hopeful that the project will commence in his lifetime.